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what is the difference between dyson tp02 vs tp04?

Between the dyson TP02 and dyson TP04 air purifier which would you choose? Our side by side comparison will help you understand which is better.

Ever thought of buy an air purifier, and you stumbled on Dyson’s products? Or you’ve got a good feedback about dyson air purifiers and you felt you might need to experience the good side of it? Then worry no more, becaue you have gotten to the right place.

In these section i’ve made review, and also listed the difference between the dyson pure cool fans, this review is specifically for those who are looking to buy either the dyson pure cool tp04 or dyson pure cool tp02 fans.

So If you are looking for a comprehensive Dyson Pure Cool review or more specifically a Dyson TP02 review or Dyson TP04 review, then you have gotten to the right page. If you are not mainly here for the dyson tp02 vs tp04 reviews, Here are some of other dyson air purifiers review you might need to take a look at.

What is the difference between Dyson air purifiers?

Few days ago, i made some interesting review about some of dyson purifer, and also listed the differences between the dyson tp02 vs am11 and also the Am09 vs Hp01 fans. So this time, I decided to Compare dyson tp02 and tp04 purifers to know which is worth it.

Dyson designed it TP Series of air purifier for large spaces, so both the TP02 and TP04 are capable of purifying the air and distributing it across a big room since they are of the same Dyson TP series. These two models both have cooling functions and also support WiFi. Not just that, the TP02 and Dyson TP04 can also be connected to the Dyson Link App and they both support Alexa integration.

In this dyson air purifier review article, we will sort out what the differences, similarities, and specifications of Dyson Pure Cool Tower air purifiers are, in other to help you pick the right air purifier model that is best for your need. But before then, let’s walk you through a brief review of Dyson tp02 and tp04.

Dyson TP02 review

Dyson tp02 air purifier
Dyson tp02

Dyson Pure Cool TP02 is of of Dyson’s flagship air purifiers. though a few years old, but remains one of the best air purifiers on market today. While making our findings and test, we discovered this air cleanser performed exceptionally well, it went as far as reducing PM2.5 to 0.2, while PM10 to 0.2, and AQI was reduced to 0 (both within 1 hour).

Findings discovered the TP02 can be easily use via Dyson’s auto mode, remote control, and Dyson Link App without physical contact. Though not cheap, but considering it outstanding performance, quality, and usability, it’s still regarded as a solid air purifier from our point of view.


  • Air flow: Tp02 is considered the 3rd highest air flow among Dyson air purifiers at 410L / sec lineages
  • Performance: extremely great when it comes to purification, and also capable of reducing PM2.5 to 0.2, PM10 to 0.2, and AQI to 0
  • Value wise: A good value (considering the few years of it existence)


  • Digital display: is extremely basic, especially compared to the Dyson TP04
  • Not Moderate: Fairly tall at 40″

Quick Specs

  • Dimensions: 7.7″ x 40″
  • Filter: HEPA
  • Max Airflow: 411 liters / second
  • Oscillation: 180°

Having gone through a brief review of the dyson pure cool tp02    , let’s further see what the tp04 has to offer. You may also be interested in knowing what is the difference between Dyson TP01 and TP02?

Dyson TP04 review

Dyson tp04

Dyson Pure Cool TP04 fan is one of those few upgrades from previous versions of the TP Series: TP01, TP02, and TP03. Dyson TP04 is a large, bladeless, HEPA air purifier that is designed with the patented Dyson amplifier.

While doing at-home test, we noticed the TP04 performed well by dramatically improving air quality, reducing PM2.5 from 7.2 to 0.2, which is roughly a 97% improvement. Although this unit of dyson purifier is tall and pricey, we realized that it offers a Real-time air quality feedback, Auto mode  function to adjust the purifier, and a Large amp thats perfect for larger rooms. This consider good value for the price.


  • Real-time air quality feedback: helps to know when it’s time to bump up fan speed
  • Auto mode: can be used to monitor and adjust the purifying based on air quality
  • Large amp: this is great for moving air through larger rooms without difficulties


  • Pricey: A little on the pricey side
  • Large: On the large side at 41.5″ tall

Quick Specs

  • Dimensions: 8.8″ diameter x 41.5″H
  • Airflow Direction: Forward or Backward
  • Max Airflow: 361 liters / sec
  • Oscillation: 350°

Having gone through a quick review of the dyson pure cool tp04 fan, let’s further compare dyson tp02 and tp04 purifers, and also see the difference between them and know which is worth to buy. You may also be interested in knowing what is the difference between Dyson TP03 and TP04?

The difference between Dyson TP02 and TP04

Below are notable difference between the dyson tp02 vs TP04 air purifiers.

  • The TP04 unit has an oscillation of 350 degrees, while the TP02 only has an oscillation of 180 degrees.
  • The TP04 unit uses a more advanced Glass HEPA Media filter. On the other hand, the TP02 still uses the filter of the first TP Series model: 360 Glass HEPA filter.
  • The TP04 has more functional mode options: Auto, Backward Airflow, Diffused, Jet Focus Control and Night time modes, while the TP02 unit only has just two modes options: Auto and Night time modes.
  • The TP04 comes with an inner Carbon filter and HEPA filter in the box, while the TP02 has none of those filters.
  • The TP02 is more affordable compared to the TP04 which is an upgraded version and a newest model.
  • The dyson pure cool TP02 is lighter and a little shorter compare to the TP04.
  • While the TP04 comes with a Child Safe feature,  the TP02 is not granted that featue. These new feature was added to the TP04 unit as an improvement to the TP series

Hopefully we have seem the differences between the dyson tp02 vs tp04 units, let’s see what similarities the the two air purifying machine.

Similarities between dyson tp02 vs tp04 pure cool link

  • The TP02 and TP04 air purifier are both powered by the Dyson’s Air Multiplier technology system.
  • Both TP02 and TP04 are capable of covering large areas.
  • The TP02 and TP04 units have the same tower shape, and they are bladeless in design.
  • The TP02 and TP04 fans are both easy to clean, and safe to be installed around pets and kids.
  • The dyson pure cool TP04 and TP02 air purifier are ideal for people with asthma and allergies because they have a HEPA filter system.
  • The dyson pure cool TP02 and TP04 support WiFi and can be linked to the Dyson Link App and to Alexa.
  • The TP02 and TP04 units both have a dual functions: purifying and cooling.

Dyson TP04 vs TP02 specification comparison charts

The Dyson pure cool and pure cool link comparison chart will help you get a clearer view of what specification/features the two dyson air purifiers have to offer.

ModelDyson TP02Dyson TP04
Design/StyleTower and bladelessTower and bladeless
Oscillation180 degrees
350 degrees
Auto modeYesYes
Jet Focus Control modeNoYes
Diffused modeNoYes
Night modeYesYes
Backward modeNoYes
Max Airflow361 liters/sec410 liters/sec
AccessoriesRemote ControlRemote Control
WiFi connectivity, Dyson Link App, & Alexa compatibilityYesYes
Child SafeNoYes
Filter360 Glass HEPA with Activated CarbonGlass HEPA Media and Activated Carbon
Air Speed1010
Height / Weight40 inches / 8.4 lbs41.5 inches / 10.98 lbs
Value Price See TP02 price on AmazonSee TP04 price on Amazon

dyson tp02 vs tp04 air purifers features: Complete details

#1. Dyson pure cool TP02 vs TP04 Design


Dyson designed the TP02 and dyson pure cool TP04 units for large spaces. They were made to stand tall and distribute purified air evenly in a large room. When it it comes to weight and height, the design of the Tp02 and Tp04 are very similar.

Although the dyson pure cool tp04 stands a bit taller and weighs heavier compared to it counterpart; the TP02. The two dyson air purifier also share in common same tower-style design and the same oblong-shaped amp, however, you will notice that the amp of the TP04 is a little wider than the TP02.

#2.Dyson pure cool TP04 vs TP02: Air Multiplier technology

Air multiplier technology

The dyson pure cool TP02 and the TP04 are also powered by Dyson’s Air Multiplier technology. Dyson is very proud of this technology and it allows the air purifiers to provide an uninterupted stream of purified air.

Although the dyson pure cool air purifiers have blades, but thay are regarded as bladeless fan dye to the fact that their blades are concealed within the pedestal stand. And because no fast-spinning blades are exposed, this wonderful technique makes the TP02 and TP04 look promising, classy and more importantly, they are quite safer and easier to clean compared to the average air purifier fans available in the market.

#3. Dyson pure cool fan Dual functionality

The Dual-functionality makes both Dyson TP02 and Dyson TP04 interesting. They can act as air purifiers and purifies all year round, and they can also serve as a cooling fan in summer.

The dyson tp02 vs tp04 air filtration systems are impressive, but the TP04 has a much more advanced filter comapare to the other unit. Because It uses a Glass HEPA Media filter with Active Carbon filter while the TP02 unit is only equipped with the same 360 Glass HEPA filter with an Carbon filter from its predecessor; the TP01.

#4. Dyson tp02 vs tp04 WIFI & Dyson Link APP Connectivity

Dyson WiFi connectivity, Dyson Link App, & Alexa compatibility

The TP02 and TP04 units both support WiFi connectivity, which is to say they can be linked to Dyson Link App. The app can easily be download/installed to your mobile phone from the either App Store or Google Play Store.

The Dyson Link App allows you to control the device without physical contact, even when you are not home. It serves as a remote control. Easily and quickly monitor air quality levels both indoor and out door, and it also sends you real time air quality data reports. The WiFi feature of the air purifiers makes it possible for you to voice command the units through Amazon Alexa.

#5. Dyson tp02 vs tp04 activated carbon filters

Active carbon filters

While the Dyson TP02 and TP04 fan have different filters: Second generation filter and fully sealed glass HEPA filter, they are both capable of capturing from all angle 99.97% of ultrafine particles including bacteria, dust, pet dander, pollen, and other air pollutants. While the Activated Carbon filters captures bad odors, gases, toxins, smoke, and Volatile Organic Compound.

#6. Dyson pure cool air purifier multi featured modes

While the TP02 only has two modes: the Auto mode and the Night mode, the TP04 which is an advanced model of the TP02 unit, comes with an additional modes options: an Auto mode which enables the unit to automatically check the quality of air, adjust the airflow if there is need to and also turn ON/OFF the device.

It also has a Night mode, that is perfectly okay when you are sleeping, because it dims the display and purifies the air using the quietest setting of the unit; Backward Airflow mode where the device purifies the air even if the cooling feature is turned off, Jet Focus mode for more direct and focused air projection; and Diffused mode for a wider air distribution.

#7. Dyson tp02 vs tp04 Remote control & Extra filters

dyson Accessories remote control
Remote control

On unboxing of the seal, you will find a remote control, the remote control makes it easier access to the TP02 and TP04 dyson pure cool fans without physically contacting it. The TP04 has an extra inner Carbon filter and HEPA filter should you have to replace the filter. The filters of the TP02 and TP04 have to be replaced at least once in every 12months.

However, The TP02 does not have an additional filters, and since the TP02 does not have any extra filters you are required to buy the filters separately which will cost you few bucks. Also you should be aware that tge free filters for the TP04 are limited, so will have to buy the replacement filters as well once you have exhausted the free extra filters.


Base on our review, we could see clearly that Dyson air purifiers are super incredible and the two TP Series we just review is a great lineup because they both have a dual-function, and they are both designed for large spaces.

They are both ideals for people with asthma, allergies and pet owners because they reduce the pollutants in the air. Unlike the regular fans, the Dyson tp04 and tp02 are both great for homes with kids, because their blades are hidden so you don’t have to worry about injuries caused by fast-spinning blades. If you are about to buy the TP02 or TP04 and you are not so sure which to buy, below are the 6 objectionable things that should be considered:

Dyson air purifier features
Dyson tp02 vs tp04 features

#1. Budgets: while you are aiming to buy the best purifier, it’s very essential to consider your budgets. If you are on a tight budget, considering that Dyson’s brand is somehow pricey, you can try to check other brands for alternatives first to see if you could find an alternative.

However, if you have enough money and you have resolved in your mind to go for the Dyson air purifier, I will suggest you get the TP02. The reason is that it does its job, it’s more affordable than the TP04.

Note: Both TP02 and TP04 filters are required to be changed once in every year, this which would cost extra money.

#2. Modes: considering that both units have some modes in similar, I’d say If you want a purifier with multiple modes and not limited to 2 modes, i will suggest you choose the TP04. As it has extra modes (Jet Focus mode, Auto mode, Night mode, Diffused mode, and Backward Airflow mode) added compared to the TP02 with just Auto mode and Night mode.

#3. Filteration: If you want to experience more purified air and you need a powerful air purifier, choose the TP04 wouldn’t be a bad idea, since it has an upgraded air filtration system and uses a Glass HEPA Media filter with Activated Carbon filter.

#4. Rotation: If you want a purifier fan that can swing around the entire room without degree limit, the TP04 is the recommended option for that, since it has an oscillation of 350 degrees, compared to TP02’s with 180 degrees.

#5. Safety: Although these air purifiers are considered safer than an average fan in the market, however, if you have little kids or pets around the house that loves swinging around, i will recommend the TP04 to you as it has Child Safe feature which automatically turns off the device when knocked over.

Verdict: Is Dyson pure cool link worth it?

Dyson is a great brand. They make high-quality products and they all look good, sleek and classy. However, their products, especially the TP02 and TP04 are pricey because of the Air Multiplier technology which is only exclusive to Dyson’s air purifier brand. Also their air purifiers can also act as a fan. Coupled with the bladeless design, WiFi-enabled, voice command through Amazon Alexa all this reason is why they are pricey.

But For the fact that you have made up your mind to go with dyson brand just like I mention in the conclusion section, base on our dyson tp02 vs tp04 reviews, I’ll suggest you go with the dyson pure cool tp02, Because It’s cost effective compared to the dyson pure cool tp04 air purifier, although it only has two modes and an oscillation of 180 degrees, yet I considered it a great air purifier for me. As It’s equipped with a 360 Glass HEPA filter with Activated Carbon filters and it supports connection through WiFi.

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