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vitamix e320 reviews: is the blender worth its price?

Looking to experience a better blending like never before? Worry no more as the Vitamix e320 reviews would help you make better decision if you should buy or not.

Also the vitamix e320 reviews would help you decide if you can step up a better blending compare to Vitamix 310. Below are some of the notable difference between both series of juicing blenders, so you’d be sure of what you are buying.

Just like every other kitchen gadgets products, the Vitamix e320 Costco as proven to be one of the best Juicing blenders for juicing.

In my earlier review, i wrote the difference between Vitamix e320 and 7500 which you may want to take a look at. Also, In a detailed review, i helped to understand what the deal is with the Vitamix Explorian Series, and quickly break down its two models: the E310 vs E320 Vitamix reviews.

What is the difference between Vitamix e310 and e320?

It could be confusing to figure the differences Vitamix both. So, If you are concerned about the difference between both juicing blenders, I’ll like to let you know that one of the major difference of both juicing blenders is that the Vitamix e310 as a low profile of the 48-oz container with 3inches blade, while the Costco Vitamix e320 as a larger profile of 64-oz container with 4inches blade, making it one of the best small blenders with personal cup adapter for personal use. The Vitamix e320 Costco as a 0.2 horsepower compares to the later.

Can Vitamix e320 Costco make hot soup?

Sure, Vitamix Costco e320 just like the e310 series can make hot soup in just 6-7mins, starting with cold water. The motor is said to be 2.2 HP more powerful than the Vitamix e310.

Aside from making hot soup, Vitamix Ascent™ Series blender is capable of heating soups to a steamy temperature of 170°F, you can also blend hit the coffee and make ice cream using Vitamix blender.

Note: Avoid steaming beyond 170°F as it’s not recommended.

Is vitamix worth the money?

You might still be curious if Vitamix e320 explorian series blender Costco is worth the money, i’d day definitely yes, Costco Vitamix e320 blend is worth the money as it can help you save over $3,000USD/ year. So i consider it an investment buy a Vitamix blender Costc as its worth the price.

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Costco vitamix e320 red

Costco Vitamix e320 reviews

Costco Vitamix e320 explorian series comes with a tamper and with it cover blades, you use it to grind dry grains and spices. Vitamix explorian series blender Costco is one of the best blenders for juicing.

Compared to its predecessor (Vitamix e310), Vitamix e320 Costco some notable features such as the Low-Profile 64-Ounce Container, Variable Speed Control, Easy Cleaning and Pulse Feature.

The Vitamix e320 Costco features a Low-Profile 64-Ounce Container which is designed to fit easily under most overhead cabinets, Variable Speed Control which can be used to adjust the speed at any time ensuring that you have full control over it when blending, easy self-cleansing ensuring that your juicing blender is clean within 60secs and pulse feature making it possible and easy to create chunk textures such as salsas with a quick burst of power.

The Vitamix e320 Costco difference

#1. High-performance motor making it easier to blend heavy powder, frozen fruit and all other grains into smooth blends.

#2. Precise container design that helps fold ingredients back to the blades for faster, smoother blends creating the Vitamix vortex.

#3. Stainless Steel blades, ensuring that it delivers the same quality result for stage one to the last blend.

#4. Blade fiction heating, guaranteeing that you get a hot substance as a result of its fast speed, you can also get a hot soup in 10mins with the use of the stove.

#5. With Costco Vitamix e320, You can also perform some other task such as turning fruits and veggies into smoothies & juice, dressing & sauce, such as tomato sauce in seconds, dips & spreads which are healthy and delicious, you can also grind nuts, coffee and many more.

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